Where Blue Pearl siberians come from

Love started with Liubomir

My name is Elena. I live in Kiev, Ukraine. In 1999 I fell in love with a Siberian color point cat and I have been hooked ever since!

Let me tell you how it all started...

Liubomir Goluboy Zhemchug (Blue Pearl) was born in August 1999 at the best cattery in Russia. His father, famous Gannibal Golubaya Krov (Blue Blood) was at the base of most famous current lines of Siberians. Liubomir was a perfect breeding male, both physically and mentally. However, for me, first and foremost, he was a perfect, dog-like loyal and loving companion. He traveled with me as far as Nigeria, and all he needed to be content, anywhere and at any time - was me. Unfortunately, he passed away on May 3rd, 2015, at the age of 15 years and 9 months. It makes me happy to know that he survives in many hundreds of his offspring worldwide.







We are all about LOVE

Our cattery is a collective entity. Our cats live in my home, as well as homes of friends and Siberian cat lovers who are now friends. We currently have 4 females  and 2 males in Kiev and in Moscow. As we will be extending, we will post our new family additions on our news page. Please, check regularly! :)

We also actively look for best matches for our males and females outside of our cattery, as we are set on producing sweet and gorgeous kittens that would be the stars of cat shows as well as that missing piece of love in your life at home.

In case you wondered.... Why Siberians?

I just kind of assume you are as in love with Siberians as I am, since you are here. But in case you are still "looking"... Let me tell you a thing or two about Siberians.

Siberian is a young breed and it is aboriginal. Which means, they were not artificially bred and selected by humans. While the official breed standard exists and it is strictly followed in Siberian catteries, the standard is based on natural aboriginal appearance of the cats, not on human fancy.

Hence, Siberians are robust, energetic, blessed with exceptional hunting instincts as well as a healthy drive to procreate. Females normally give birth naturally, without vet's help and are devoted mothers.

SIBERIANS ARE HYPOALLERGENIC for most allergy sufferers!!! So even if someone in your family is allergic to cats, there is a chance you can have a Siberian!


Siberians can be color point (with colored face, ears, legs and tail and blue eyes) or traditionally colored. 

In all reputable catteries cats are screened for genetic diseases, so with proper care they are very healthy well into the old age.

Siberians are a semi-long hair cats, with males growing a lion-like mane in winter. The coat is thick but not too long, so it doesn't mat. They are muscular, stunning and males can weight up to 10kg. 

Siberians are perfect companions, they balance their love for human company with natural dignity, so they are often pleased just to be in the same room/on the same couch as you, without being clingy. Yet they love to be squeezed and petted at any time.

Siberians aren't too vocal. But some can uphold a meaningful conversation with you if you choose. :)

If you find this cat's character is "right up your alley" - check out our cats and kittens and get in touch with me.