For kittens sold for breeding/show:

First pre-payment of 30% is required for the kitten to be reserved. Account details will be provided. We have accounts in USD, EUR and GBP for your convenience

Following pre-payment of 50% is required before the kitten is shipped

Final payment of 20% is required upon kitten's arrival to you and is followed by kitten's pedigree sent via DHL

For pet kittens:

First pre-payment of 50% of kitten price only (excl. transport and other costs) for the kitten to be reserved. 

Final payment of ALL outstanding costs 3 days PRIOR to shipping.

References provided: International WCF expert and President of WCF "Pan Kotskiy" Felinological Center in Ukraine Mrs.Tatiana Dyachuk

International WCF expert Mrs. Tamara Biriukova

Customers who previously bought from us also can supply references on request


We deliver Internationally with licensed airlines. Courier accompanying the kitten can be organized upon request and will bring additional charge for courier's ticket/visa